Traction batteries for OC

Opportunity-Charging, ultra-fast charging en route

Problems and solutions


10 years
of service life without battery replacement
charge/discharge cycles
1-2 hours
charging time of a Li-ion battery


300 Wh/kg
maximum LIB energy density
battery efficiency
self-discharge rate per month
1: Active balancing system
2: Convectional and liquid battery temperature control systems
3: Energy efficiency above 140 Wh * kg in a ready-made solution
4: Modular LIB design

Individual approach

We are ready to develop a custom-tailored solution for each client and offer a flexible list of specifications for your project. You can choose the dimensions, charging and running time, and other specifications.


We also offer cooperation throughout the entire project life cycle — from energy audit to technical support, as well as beneficial financial cooperation.


Aleksey Vladimirovich

Our managers will be glad to answer your questions regarding purchase and cooperation.

Contact us

Our staff will help you select equipment and calculate the price based on your requirements.

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