Lithium-ion battery energy storage systems

Accumulating batteries for renewable energy sources, hybrid installations, and systems for cost optimization of power supply

Problems and solutions


  • High rates during peak hours

  • Power outages

  • High reactive power consumption

  • High cost / inability of a technological connection

  • Fuel consumption in generator sets

  • Providing energy-insulated facilities

  • Inconsistent power generation by renewable energy sources (RES)


  • Arbitrage (charged at night - discharged during the day, shifting the peak load for a long period within a day)

  • Power backup in case of main power source failure. Demand response (load reduction by a power system operator's order, fee-based)

  • Energy storage systems compensate for reactive power by adjusting its value in real time

  • Energy storage systems provide technological connection of power close to the average by covering sharp load peaks

  • Energy storage systems provide stability (during load drops / surges) and a hot power reserve

  • Improving the energy efficiency of the facility. Balance of electricity generation and consumption. A significant reduction of the electricity cost. Proportional use of electricity throughout the day

  • Leveling the unbalance of renewable energy generation. Balancing power. Ensuring electricity sustainability and quality. Reserve ensureing. Fuel economy in hybrid power sources (no need for diesel when sun or wind is available).


  • Variable load

  • Need for a hot reserve

  • The frequency deviation of the system

  • Voltage fluctuations, surges, and interruptions

  • Power supply interruption while switching on the generator set

  • Rotating reserve in the power system is needed

  • Suboptimal load on power generation systems


  • Flattening the peak and off-peak load

  • Flattening of the load on the generator, leads to reduction in the number of peak generators launching. Generator operation in optimal mode. Reducing fuel consumption by up to 50%. Increasing the service life of generator sets.

  • Frequency retention within acceptable limits in accordance with GOST 32144-2013

  • Energy storage systems switch power in phases to maintain the voltage quality parameters within acceptable limits

  • Providing power during the start of a backup generator

  • Fuel and turbines service life economy

  • Saving fuel and generator life (ensuring operation in the most cost efficient mode). Ability to reduce the cross-section of power lines (new construction) and shift the deadlines of capital construction

Demand response

Receiving rewards from the system operator for limiting the power consumed from the network during peak hours

Smart grid

power accumulation is an integral part of the future electricity-producing industry

Cost optimization of power supply

Power generation, minimization of fees for capacity and power transmission.


Batteries can be used as emergency power supplies

Efficiency improvement

Leveling of the stochastic nature of RES operation. Reduction of operating costs for gas-processing and diesel power plants

Isolated objects

ensures trouble-free operation


ensures savings on electricity bills

Renewable energy sources (RES)

the full-fledged development of renewable energy sources is impossible without advanced power accumulating systems

Isolated objects : ensures trouble-free operation
Households: ensures savings on electricity bills
Renewable energy sources (RES) : the full-fledged development of renewable energy sources is impossible without advanced power accumulating systems
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Литий-ионные системы накопления энергии

Individual approach

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